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*****Bill Trevino and Don Biddle are still leading with a bag of 19.63 at the Winter Haven Chain*****

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, it was deja vu all over again.  Not only did Bill Travino and Don Biddle repeat with a first place finish at Harris Chain, but they also almost caught the exact same weight coming up with 19.61 pounds at Harris Chain to go with the 19.63 pounds they had at Winter Haven Chain taking home the first place money of $552.  In second place was Mark Dease and Bucky Falls with a bag of 18.25 pounds and the big bass for the day at 8.16 pounds which brought them a total of $552 also  Third place was the team of Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto with a bag of 17.44 pounds taking home $288, and rounding out the top four with a bag of 14.95 pounds was the team of Jeff Worth and Ben Widerman taking home the 4th place prize of $192. With the first two victories of the season Bill Travino and Don Biddle have opened up a ten point lead over the 2nd place teams of Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto and Bryan and Steve Ellis who are tied for 2nd.  Thanks for a great tournament and I hope to see everybody on December 7th at West Lake Toho.

Congratulations to Bill Travino and Don Biddle for starting off the year with the victory at the Winter Haven Chain with a bag of 19.63 pounds.  They also had the big bass of the day at a whopping 8.80 pounds and start the year as the leaders of the big bag challenge and Anglers of the Year.  In 2nd place was the team of Bryan and Steve Ellis with a bag of 17.84 pounds, also with the 2nd biggest bass of the day with a nice 8.01 pounder.  Lurking in 3rd place was our defending Anglers of the Year Champs of John Kraine and Kim Hebb with a bag of 17.58 pounds. They don't want to give up those belts and they are off to a great start.  

Alex Funke and Josh Wolf had a solid day one with 17.64 pounds and then followed that up with a day 2 big bass of 8.29 pounds and a bag of 17.28 pounds for a two day total of 35.17 pounds, taking home the first place check of $1500.00, big bass day 2 of $280.00 and the side pot of $220.00 for a weekend total of $2000.00.  Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas came to the scales on Day 1 disappointed with their 12.91 pounds, but telling stories of missed big fish and saying that they have them all figured out. They backed up that talk delivering a bag of 18.14 pounds on day two which turned out to be the heaviest bag of the tournament and landed them in 2nd place with 31.05 pounds total and a cool $1000.00. Steve and Bryan Ellis "The Dark Horse" came in on Day 1 with a kicker of 8.50 pound to anchor their 17.37 pound bag.  On day 2 they came in with 13.48 pounds missing the kicker but good enough for a weekend total of 30.85 pounds to take home third place and a check for $700.00. Not bad for no pre-fishing!! Great job fellers.  In 4th place was the team that said, "We don't need our partners!". Chip Dover and Tom Burke paired up for a day 1 bag of 16.94 pounds with a monster big bass of 9.03 pound which won the big bass day 1 and the $280.00 to go with it.  The experienced team came back on day 2 with a 12.91 pound bag good enough to solidify a 4th place finish and a pay day of $300.00. Great showing fellas and a decent payday with $580.00 for the weekend. 

Speaking of $580.00 Kim Hebb and John Kraine held on to the Big Bag Challenge with their bag of 26.39 pounds at the Winter Haven Chain.  They were also the Anglers of the Year which netted them $1000.00.  So all in all they walked away with $1580.00 just by showing up.  Oh and some new hardware that can be yours if you knock them off the top spot next year.

Thank you to all of the anglers this year.  And I hope to see you all next year and at the summer opens and don't forget to bring your friends and spread the word.  Also, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, Brian Carraway of Insurance Services of Central Florida, Anchorage Yacht Basin, Nix Pest Management, and MYCO Trailers. Please go and support these small businesses as they supported us.

They say that the cream always rises to the top and the anglers at Lake Kissimmee proved that with the top three teams also finishing at the top of the angler of the year standings.  In 1st place for their third win of the season was John Kraine and Kim Hebb with a bag of 21.83 pounds locking up first place in the Anglers of the Year results by 32 points and taking home the $1000 top prize. Their worst finish for the season was 9th place and they are also still leading in the biggest bag of the year challenge!! Very impressive season so far guys. In 2nd place with a bag of 19.12 pounds were Don Fisher and David Simpson who also caught the big bass of the day at 7.63 pounds. They never finished lower than 11th place for the season on their way to the 2nd place finish in the Anglers of the Year results and the $500 that goes with it.  In 3rd place was the team of John Brazzell and Brian Nelson with a bag of 18.77 pounds.  With that third place performance they leapfrogged into 3rd place in the Anglers of the Year results and took home the extra $250.  In 4th place for the tournament was Josh Wolf and Alex Funke with a bag of 18.60 pounds and took home a nice payday of $176.00.

Another great day of fishing at The Harris Chain with four bags over 20 pounds and a hard luck 9.22 pound bass that didn't even win big bass (sorry Doug and Mike). 1st place went to Don Fisher and David Simpson with a monster bag of 25.93 pounds, which was close to taking over the big bag for the year but fell just half a pound short.  They took home 1st place money of $529.  In 2nd place led by Ed Nelson and the biggest bass that has been caught this year in the ATT at 9.37 pounds was Robert Camp and Ed Nelson with a total of 23.32 pounds taking home big bass money $115 and 2nd place which paid $414. In a hard luck 3rd place with a bag of 22.69 pounds was John Kraine and Kim Hebb taking home $276 but keeping a stranglehold on their lead in the Anglers of the Year Standings. In 4th place with another nice bag was Eric Stephens and Kathy Kagiwada pulling in 21.18 pounds and taking home $184.  In the Angler of the Year standings, John Kraine and Kim Hebb have a 30 point lead going into the last tournament of the year with 1354 points for the season, so they are going to need a major meltdown to allow anybody else a chance at 1st.  30 points behind in 2nd place is Don Fisher and David Simpson with 1324 points and they have a 14 point lead over 3rd place Robert Camp and Ed Nelson who have 1310, although breathing down their necks in 4th place are the team of John Brazzell and Brian Nelson just two points behind with 1308.  Good luck                                                                                                  to everybody next month and I hope to see you all at Lake Kissimmee On April 6th for the last                                                                                                          tournament before the Classic in May.

First off, thank you to everybody for rolling with the last minute change to accommodate fishing with the Seminole Junior Anglers.  It turned out to be a great day for massive bags at Lake Monroe with the top four teams all pulling in more than 19 pounds of fish and not to be outdone was the Demola team hauling in the big bass at 6.13 pounds for their 2nd big bass of the season.  It was really close for the top spot, but holding on to 1st place was the team of John Kraine and Kim Hebb with 20.73 pounds who took home a nice check of $506. Just behind them in 2nd place was the team of Jim Schwalbe and Mike Powell with 20.61 pounds winning a nice payday of $396. A 20.29 pound bag for Chip Dover and John Ricketson was only good enough for 3rd place even though it would have won most tournaments.  However, they still got to take home $264.  In 4th place were Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas also pulling in an impressive 19.51 pounds and taking home $176.  In the Angler(s) of the Year standings, John Kraine and Kim Hebb extended their points lead to 34 points over Don Fisher and David Simpson who are in 2nd place. Hope to see you all next month at the Harris Chain and remember that we will be at the Buzzard Beach ramp.

David Rushing and Richard Patterson made their presence known this week catching the big bass of 7.86 pounds, a total bag of 14.65, and taking home the 1st place prize of $552.  Bill Trevino and Don Biddle took home the 2nd place prize of $432 with a bag of 13.18 pounds, while John Brazzell and Brian Nelson pulled out 3rd place and a prize of $288.  Finishing just below them with a bag of 11.19 pounds was Jason Castell winning $192.  And even though they all finished out of the money this week, the top three teams remained the same in the Angler of the Year standings with John Kraine/Kim Hebb holding on to 1st place, 2nd place - Robert Camp/Ed Nelson, 3rd place - Don Fisher/David Simpson. The biggest jump was made by John Brazzell and Brian Nelson who have moved all the way up to 4th place by finishing in the top 3 of the last two tournaments. Special thanks to everybody for showing up early and helping everything go as smoothly as possible and I hope to see you February 9th at Ed Stone Park in Deland on February 9th.

Josh Wolf and Alex Funke proved that a bass boat catches bigger & better fish than a bay boat. Alex's new boat helped him land two monsters including the big bass at 8 lbs and a total bag of 25.10 lbs taking home first place and the top prize of $529.00 + $115.00 for big bass.  Taking home second place and $414.00 was the team of John Brazzell and Brian Nelson with an impressive bag of 20.70 lbs.  The team of Ken Lucas and Danniel Lanier came in 3rd place with 15.95 lbs taking home $276.00 while the team of Robert Camp and Ed Nelson finished just behind them at 15.91 lbs taking home $184.00.  Even though the team of John Kraine and Kim Hebb finished just out of the money for the tournament, they are still at the top of the Angler of the Year Standings with a 12 point lead over the 2nd place team of Robert Camp and Ed Nelson.  Great job everybody and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and I hope to see you all next year at Butler Chain in Windermere on January 5th.

John Kraine and Kim Hebb came in with the big bag of the year with 26.59 pounds including the biggest bass of the year with a 9.27 lb monster.  They took home the top prize of $552 for 1st place and $120 for big bass.  They took the lead in the Wayne Swindle Heavy Weight Challenge and tied for the lead in the Angler of the Year Standings.  Bo Boyles and James Tyler showed that they are serious contenders for AOY by bringing in a 19.48 pound bag taking home $432.00 for 2nd place.  3rd place team was Mark Dease and Bucky Falls with a nice bag of 17.44 pounds taking home $288.00 with 4th place going to Don Fisher and David Simpson with a prize of $192.00.  In the race for Anglers of the Year, with their huge day John Kraine and Kim Hebb are tied at the top with Bo Boyles and James Tyler with 582 points, which is a 10 point lead over the 3rd place team of Don Fisher and David Simpson. Congratulations to everyone and I hope to see all of you next month on December 8th at the West Lake Toho Tournament.

Ken Lucas and Danniel Lanier came in with a monster bag of 25.30 pounds of Harris Chain pigs taking home the top prize of $598 and taking the lead in the big bass challenge.  Don Fisher and David Simpson showed off their skills by bringing in a 20.62 pound bag to go along with the big bass of the tournament caught by Don Fisher at 7.56 pounds taking home $468.00 for 2nd place and an additional $130.00 for big bass.  3rd place team was Danny Mosely and Randall Faber with a respectable bag of 14.87 pounds taking home $312.00 with 4th place (and just .05 ounces behind) going to John Kraine and Kim Hebb with a prize of $208.00.  In the race for Angler of the Year, we now have a tie at the top with the team of Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas Robert Camp and Ed Nelson and the team of  both having 386 points after two tournaments. Congratulations to everyone and I hope to see all of you next month on November 3rd at the Winter Haven Chain Tournament.

Even with the talent of our anglers East Lake fishing lived up to his reputation as a tough challenging lake. Chip Dover and John Ricketson rose to the occasion with 15.57 pounds with the largest bass being just 2 ounces short of big bass for the day.  Congratulations Chip and John on the win and taking home $644.00 for the win and the lead for Angler of the Year.  Bo Boyles and James Tyler came in a close 2nd at 15.35 pounds taking home $504.00 while Robert Camp and Ed Nelson came in 3rd place with 13.76 pounds taking home $336.00. 4th place  Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas caught 13.0 pounds and took home $224.00.  Big bass of the tournament went to Mike Powell with a bass of 4.66 pounds.

Congrats to the Top Team Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas with a huge sack on the Harris Chain! The Team worked offshore Hydrilla with several different baits to find 5 biggins weighing in at 25.56lbs. This sack take the lead for the Wayne Swindle Heavy Weight Challenge with just three days of fishing left in the season. Great to see a big bag of come to the scales after the last few weeks of tons of pressure from the last few big tournaments host on the chain. The team earned $782 for the day of hard work! Great Job guys! 

2nd place team also had Big Bass honors with a 7.97lb stud! Team Rich Konopka and Glen Whiteside had a great day on the water and came to the scales with 20.16lbs! Earning $612 for 2nd and $170 for BB. Glad to see these guys taking some money home! Awesome work you two. 

3rd place Team was Don Fisher and David Simpson with 19.03lbs. The Team has been pretty consistent all season other than a stumble at the Butler Chain this past Jan. This should move them back up into the AOY race going into the last point event of the season at Kissimmee next month. They drove off with $408 for their efforts, nice work you two!

4th place Team was Brad Krone and Bob Bostdorf with 16.72lbs and earning $272. Nice work guys! 

Next stop, Lake Kissimmee out of Joe Overstreet Ramp. Please let me know if anyone would like to help run the trail next season as we only have a few days left to fish. I may have one of are own teams that wants to step up and do it but could use a little help. Thank you all for being awesome, I enjoy our time together and friendships we've built over the years.

Anglers Team Trail Event #3 Lake Toho, 36 Teams signed up. The major cold front hit us with high winds and rain just in time for launch this morning. Fishing was tough for most but some managed to figure them out. Congratulations to the 1st place Team Don Fisher and David Simpson Jr. with just over 20lbs! The team also earned big BASS honors with a 6.01lb stud. Way to go boys, nice pay day with almost $1000! 
2nd Place team with 15.51lbs was Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto. The team worked lake Toho all day and caught lots of fish to put together a solid limit. Taking home $648 bucks for their efforts, great job guys! 
3rd place team with 14.90lbs was Kenneth Wilson and Bob Greathouse. Earning $432 for a long windy and wet day on the water. Nice job boys, glad to see you in the money! 
4th place team with 14.47lbs was Bryan Slover and Chris Casteel. Working hard for that top spot and some good AOY points, driving home with #288 for the day. 
Great to see you all on such a crappy day, we had a lot of teams that normally show up that didn't make this event. Please note, if you miss an event (without prepaying) and want to make the Classic you have to make the top 25 in points to qualify. Also, if you can't make an event please text or call me so I know not to wait for you that morning. 
To all the Teams, thanks for making this trail so great run and to fish in!

From my Family to your's, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you at the Publix parking lot on Sandlake Rd near Bayhill for Butler next month!
1st event of the season in the books!! Congratulations to Alex Funke and guest partner Bob McKamey, this being Alex's 1st win in ATT, having 23.76 today taking the win against 40 other teams, also Big Bass honors with a pig trophy catch 9.65lber!! The team took home $943 and $205 for a big pay day!! Great job you two! 2nd place team Andrew Lee and guest Cameron Yam figured the bass out but fell ounces short of the W. The team slow fished one spot all day to rack up 23.15. There normal partner Jim miller had to work so couldn't make the event but was able to get a little practice in earlier in the week and found the spot for them. Great team effort guys and way to start the season out with $738 in cash! 
3rd Place team was Eric Stephens and Kathy Kagiwada with 18.23 lbs and a solid kicker fish weighing 7.34lbs. Glad to see this team in the money again earning $492 for their hard work. Great Job you two!1 
4th place team was Don Fisher and guest partner Simpson with 16.65lbs. The team earned $328 for their days work. nice job guys!
Teams, thanks you for all your help at launch and weigh-in. Lots of new teams trying to figure how we do things we all did a fair job so this will get smoother. I heard no complaints or issues so that's great for the 1st event. I ask that you please introduce yourself when you can to new faces as we have great people fishing with us and it would be nice to know the people you fish against. The next event is at Winter Haven so please remember the 50 yards in and 50 yards out of each canal rules on the lakes!! They will be enforcing them as they know we will be out there this year from the FWC waivers we have. If you don't know the laws for that chain I would read up on them, they are different from the other lakes. Your throw cushion should be out read to throw so I would keep it out just in case you are stopped. All safety gear should be checked. If you have any questions let us know. Thanks again and see you at the next one Nov. 4th!

Lucas and Lanier get it done at Kissimmee!! The Team had 22.57lbs and Big Bass honors with a 8.22lb Hydrilla Gorilla, and a cool $1000.00! The team used all their tricks hitting many spots to land their best five. This also secured Anglers of the Year title for the 3rd season on a row earning them another $1000.00. WAY TO GO BOYS!! You guys are straight up HAMMERS!

2nd place was Team Chip Dover and guest partner Jason Foss with 19.85lbs. The team worked shallow grass beds with traps and swimbaits to land there best five. Nice job guys.

3rd place team was Bob Raponi and Peter Phelps with 19.64lbs. The team had over 20lbs but due to their live well breaking down on the water a couple of fish died causing a pound penalty and costing them a few hundred dollars. Got to take care of those fish. Great job though boys, you won't make that mistake again. 

4th place Team was Wayne Swindle and Travis Totman with 19.24lbs. The team needed a good finish and they did just that to stay in 2nd place points for Anglers of the Year and locking it up with this finish. Great work guys, you had a great season!

We look forward to seeing you all back next season and look to have a great Classic for those who made it. 

Sorry for the delay on the updates peeps, work is trying to kill me!

Tournament #6 is in the books after visiting the Harris Chain of Lakes. Team John Brazzell and Kyle Oliver used Johns long week of locating the right spots form the recent BASS Southern Open to secure a 1st place victory over a 37 boat field. The team worked an off shore shell bed with crankbaits to land 20.99lbs. Great job to you guys!
2nd place team Danny Lanier and Ken Lucas found fish on practice on the Dora side, flipping, and managed to stick the Big Bass of the event at 7.05lbs to help anchor their bag at 20.94 just a few drops of water out of 1st place. Very consistent boys, great work!
3rd place team was Bill Trevino and Don Biddle with 17.69lbs. The team made the run to Lake Griffin but found that the bite was tough so they came back to Eustis to catch their fish. This has now put the team in a tie for 1st place Anglers of the Year! Great Job.
4th place was team Louis Desimone Jr. and Brandon Lee Prophitt with a solid 17lbs even. the team worked the shore line flipping to catch most of their bag. Brandon learned a valuable lesson, be careful while peeing off the boat as he slipped and went for a swim. LOL When it's cold always keep an extra pair of clothes in the boat just in case! Great Job you two!!

Notes: Everything went smooth this event, from blast off to weigh in. Every one seems to have the routine down now about the bag line and how to use the mess bags for their fish.
2 casting distance rule reminder, no issues were brought up so i thank you all for that!
Just wanted to remind everyone that Tom and I, Chip and John, compete in this trail, play by the same rules, pay the same membership dues, pay the same entry fee and guest fee, just like everyone else. We appreciate everyone's patience in the morning and especially in the afternoon at weigh getting set up. We try to come in before 3pm but we do not have to be in until then. Once all the boats are accounted for we start handing out bags and weigh-in begins. Thank you all for your understanding.
If anyone wants to take more pics at each event and get them to me to post I would love the help!
See you all at Winter Haven Chain out of Lake Shipp - William G. Roe Park - 2403 7th Street SW Winter Haven, FL 33880

Team Travis Hansen and James Tyler take the Win at the Clermont Chain with 19.16lbs and a kicker 8.81lb stud!! Earning a cool $1,095.00!!
With the cold front coming in over the weekend and high winds it made for some tough conditions on and off the water. The team flipped grass all day to get there fish concentrating on Lake Minnehaha one of the larger lakes on the chain. Great day out there guys, congratulations on a big win against 38 of the toughest anglers in Central Florida!
Bobby Davis Jr. and guest partner Michael Schnupp bag 17.02lbs, good for 2nd place and $700.00 for their days effort. The team said they lost a big one that would have sealed the deal but they were still all smiles at the weigh in with a great finish. Good job fellas!!
Thomas Burk and Nate Bloom sacked a 14.58lb bag earning 3rd place and $470.00. The team worked soft plastics along the shoreline to catch their fish. The team has been moving up in the AOY standings since their last place finish at the 1st event. Now sitting in 7th place for the season the gap is slowly closing. Good day on the water! 
Chip Dover and guest partner Bob Colons sacked 13.66 good for 4th place! The team flipped shallow cover and threw swimbaits to land their best 5 fish limit. Nice work boys.  

2nd event of the season at the Harris Chain is in the books. 42 of the best teams showed up and were all ready to catch some fish. It was busy at the ramp with the other trail having 25 boats but we all did a great job getting out before them. Lots of dock talk about how tough the chain had been fishing and also the spraying of grass hurting areas of the chain. That seemed to show at the scales as the big weights we know the chain can produce were down. That being said some one has to win and it's all the same playing field to get the job done.
Team Christopher C. Jackson and Bobby Davis were just that team. They worked Big Lake Harris with top water baits in the morning to catch most of their fish and culled out a couple later in the day to give them 16.79lbs good enough for the win. Chris mentioned his partner Bobby had one of those days where nothing could go wrong saying, "He was on fire". This was the teams 1st win with ATT and it was well worth it, earning $966.00 for their efforts. Great job boys, congratulations, happy to see new teams on top!

Rounding out the rest of the top 4 teams.
2nd place went to Don Biddle and Bill Trevino just shy of the win with 16.25lbs and earning $756.00 for the day. 3rd place was Nate Bloom and guest partner Bob Colons with 15.44lbs. The team earned $504.00. 4th place went to Brad Krone and guest partner with a 13.67lb bag, driving home with $336.00. Big Bass honors, and $210.00, went to Edward White with a Trophy Catch 8.92lb beast! Beautiful fish!
Great job to all the top 10 teams it was work out there for sure. I want to thank you all for a very smooth launch before the other trail and as always being patient with weigh-in. Thanks to all that helped me when I needed it, I do appreciate it!

The top 3 Teams from this years Classic on Lake Istopogka, 1st Place in the middle, Richard Konopka and Kim Hebb. Tough 2 days of fishing as it only took 16lbs a day to win. Great job you guys!

Anglers Team Trail Lake Okeechobee Winners Team Chip Dover and John Ricketson with 20.08lbs!! The team cut there practice short on Friday to help me out with my partner Thomas Burk going to the hospital. Glad to have such great friends in our trail to be there when you need them, thanks guys! Carma paid you a visit on Saturday with this nice bag of bass. 2nd place team was Blaine Partee and Silverio Roca with 17.58 and the Big Bass of the day a stud 7.01lber. Another solid day on the water fom this team as they are always tough competition. Great work boys!! 3rd place team was Anthony DiFonzo and Dustin Hand with a solid 16.33lbs of Big O bass. The team has been trying to crack the winners circle but with this group theres a long list of talent and it ain't easy. 4th place Team with 16lbs was Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier who needed to finish 3 places above points leaders Don Biddle and Bill Trevino and they were lucky as Don and Bill didn't have the day they wanted. This 4th place finish secured Lanier and Lucas with back to back Season Anglers of the Year! Awesome season guys and gals, very proud of what we have accomplished with ATT and with your support. Thanks for making this the best Team Trail in Central Florida and understanding that we don't get paid to do this we put our money up just like the rest of you!
Next up Lake Istopkoga Classic, if you haven't fished or prepaid for all tournaments this season you need to be in the top 20 AOY standings to be qualified for the classic. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks again to all of you!
Congratulations to Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto on their 1st place finish on the St. John's River today with 15+! (didn't get a pic of them so had to find an old one, couldn't find one of them together)
Tough day for a lot of teams with almost half the field not weighing in any fish. Standings and results to follow tomorrow. Great job to the rest of the top finishing teams! 2nd place Thomas Burk and Nate Bloom with 3 nice fish weighing 13.68lbs, 3rd place Clint Boyles and Sam Parker with 5 fish for 13.08, 4th place John Brazzell and Josh Davis with 11+lbs. We all knew it was going to be tough conditions and it sure was! Lots of gas burned up on this event...
Thanks to the teams who made the event! Next stop Harris, see you there!
Congratulations to 1st place Team Chris Casteel and Bryan Slover with 21.84lbs today on the Butler Chain! The team also had Big Bass Honors with a 6.68lb stud taking home a nice $952.00 in cash! Way to go boys great bag!! 
Congrats to the rest of the top teams! Robert Camp and Ed Nelson tied for 2nd place with 16.28lbs sharing it with Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto who are now sitting in the 1st place Anglers of the Year race. 4th place Team Thomas Burk and Nate Bloom had 15.17lbs and moved up the AOY board into 2nd place with this finish. 5th place PICKLE BOYS (donated by Mr. Clint Boyles) went to Kim Hebb and son. Thanks Clint, and wife, for those! Great day and glad the weather wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. Thanks again for all the help of my guys, Chip Dover, Tom Burk, Randall- Candy Faber, JohnandEileen Ricketson, couldn't do with out ya!
Event #2 at the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes 11/04/17. We had another great turn out with 40 paid entrees. Blast off was a little early due to the large full moon shining down on us. No complaints for that. The weather was beautiful and the lakes water levels were up making the fishing a bit more difficult to locate them.
As always someone figures out just enough to grab the W. That team would be 1st time winners and long time competitors with Anglers Team Trail, Barry Thomas and Rodney Marks! With a total weight of 14.79 and Big Bass honors at 5.51lbs. This team have been so close in many ATT events but have fell short time after time but NOT THIS TIME! This time it was there day to drive home with the smile on there faces and cash in there pocket, giving each other high fives and chest bumps, saying it's about time! Nice job you two, those that have fished with us since 2012 know how hard it is to win one of these with the caliber of Anglers fishing. No one is giving it to you, you earned it for sure and it was well deserved.

Catching up from my 5 days away from working!

After our 5th Season with Anglers Team Trail another Classic has come and gone. We had a low turn out (22) due to low water conditions and a couple of scheduling issues with others. Tom and I spent 5 days on the water and traveled all over with out any issues. The fishing wasn't as good as we wanted it to be, lots of little fish. Most of you know how this event played out by now for our Top Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier who stayed consistent till the end. Taking for the 3rd season in a row Anglers of the Year titles ($1000) and also the Classic Championship ($1500 + the side pot) earning over $2500.00 on this weekend! What a tough team to beat, and we appreciate their sportsmanship and competitive nature as it helps us all get better. The team also walked away with 4 custom plaques for 1st AOY, and Classic Champs. Those were provided by Sam Parker and his store Rustic Journey in the Oviedo Mall, thanks Sam for those sir, they are awesome! Congrats to you guys you are Champs!

Now for the rest of us slackers.... LOL
2nd place Team of Eric Stephens and Kathy Bateman Kagiwada were able to sack up the biggest bag of the 2nd day with a 22+ lb bag anchored by 2 beautiful Big O 6lbers, landed by Kathy! They worked a area for 2 days and were able to get 36lbs off of it. The team earned a nice $1000 for the weekend but left some money on the table cause they didn't bet on them selves for the side pot. Still not a bad stack for no entry fee! Super happy for this team as they really deserve it with all the work they put in! Congrats!
3rd place team went to Wayne Swindle and Travis Totman with a solid effort weighing in 33lbs for there hunt for the big ones. The team earned $700 to spend on replacement baits from all the fish they caught. This team is always around fish and in the money! Nice job boys! Hope to get some of my money back next season.
4th place and last payout spot went to Team Ronnie Jackson and Mike Jones with a great start on day one sacking up 20+ but fell short on day two as the weather changed up again and made the anglers have to adjust again. The team earned $350 for their effort and were happy to feel the cash in their hand. Great work you two, always good to see you beat your bother and son... LOL!

Now that the 2017 season is over I would like to thank all of you who helped me and who fished with us. We couldn't do this without great teams like you!! Next season is just around the corner so please let me know if you plan on coming back so I can get an idea of counts. I know some teams won't be back but i know of several that have been waiting to join. I do ask that you all please read the rules as it seems some of the teams we had didn't do so and it cost them. I will update the web site and send out emails to all on it. If you have any pics from this past Classic that you could send me to post that would be great.
Please enjoy your few months off and do something with your family to catch up for all the weekends we missed out fishing. If anyone has any questions you can post them here or call or text me.

Special thanks to my crew, Thomas Burk, Chip Dover, Marshall Holloway III, John JohnandEileen Ricketson, and Randall- Candy Faber, appreciate you guys!

Well the Winter Haven Chain showed lots of quality fish this past weekend. 33 Teams showed up compete in the best Team Trail in Central Florida. Teams caught fish all different ways from what I saw and heard. Seemed like the post spawn fish turned out to be the best pattern to land the big sacks. Top weight was 30.65lbs which is now the mark to beat for the Heavy Weight Challenge season side pot! Team John Brazzell and gueast partner Steve Hall figured out how to land the big ones that we all were looking for. The team also had Big Bass honors with a 8.85lb Trophy Catch! This is the teams 2nd Win in a row and I think they will be strong finishers at the next event for sure. Congrats to you both, you deserve it!!
2nd place Team was Dave Gazdak and Greg Biesecker with 18.42lbs. The team worked the shorline grass fishing worms slowly to land their fish. Good job guys, glad to see you in the money!
3rd Place Team was Bobby Davis Jr. and Christopher C. Jackson with a solid sack of fish weighing in at 16.55lbs! The team work shallow grass beds with crankbaits and located a school of good fish to catch their best five. This team has been very consistent this season so I'm sure they're just going to get better. Nice job boys!
4th place Team was Randall- Candy Faber and Danny Mosely with a 16.39lb bag. The team had luck fishing offshore grass beds and caught lots of fish. Good job boys, way to make a check!
The Anglers of the Year race is going to be a show down for sure! If someone chokes it's going to leave the door open for that $1000 cash prize! Not that the $500 and $250 are bad but we all know what they will be fishing for. Good luck teams!
Next stop Lake Kissimmee out of Joe Overstreet Ramp April 1st.

The fifth event of the season is in the books at the Butler Chain of Lakes. The weather gave it's best to try and stop us from fishing it but we managed to make it out and catch plenty of fish. 36 Teams put their money in the pot but only 31 braved the weather and cold conditions. We all did a great job launching in a hurry and made it out just before the sky opened up and dropped several inches of water on us.
Lots of fish were brought to the scales as all but to teams weighed in limits. 1st Place Team Thomas Burk and Nate Bloom didn't practice for this event as this isn't a chain they have come to like over the many years of fishing it. The team has been on a roll so they didn't stop here. It seemed the weather helped them out this time and put a little twist on the teams who practiced and know the chain well. The team worked deep holes with A-Rigs and Hard Swimbaits to catch their fish. Of course having a big bite always helps and Nate was able to land Big Bass honors with a nice 5.51lber which anchored their bag at 15.64lbs. This is the Teams 2nd Win of the season and also having two 3rd place finishes out of five events has secured them in 3rd place points for the Anglers of the Year race. Nice work boys! Keep it Roll'in!
2nd Place Team Dustin Hand and Anthony DiFonzo fished close by the 1st place team and managed to slow fish their way to a 13.82lb sack. They worked deep holes with swimbaits and shoreline cover flipping to catch their bass. The team is known for doing well on this chain and were happy with their efforts on such a tough day. Great job boys!
3rd Place Team Wayne Swindle and Travis Totman had 13.27lbs and have been very consistent this season. Their consistency has paid off after this event, as other teams struggled to find the right fish this left the door open for them to take over 1st place Anglers of the Year! Way to GO boys! You guys are a great team and work hard to win. Congrats, keep it up and don't look back cause there's some sticks chasing you down!
4th Place Team with 12.67lbs was Randale Coble and Steve Nelson. Randale has always been tough on the Butler Chain as he's been fishing it for 30 years. Solid sack and finish guys!

* Anglers please remember the 2 casting distance rule!! If you are fishing and getting close to each other then please have a sportsman's like conversation and figure out who needs to back off. This also means the anglers who are backing off need to stop fishing while they move away from the other team. Please do your best to help with this on the water! Thank you in advance for your sportsmanship.
* Want to thank everyone for there cooperation and patience with us as run this this great Trail and try to make it all run smoothly. Couldn't do it with out the help of Chip Dover, Thomas Burk, Randall- Candy Faber, JohnandEileen Ricketson.
* Thanks again for your continued support of our youth Anglers with Seminole Junior Anglers 50/50 Raffle! This extra money helps the President Jason Foss cover hotel rooms, travel expenses, entry fees, special events, ect... Thank you, we both appreciate it!
* Next event on the Harris Chain of Lakes out of Buzzard Beach.

Another ATT event in the books!! Lake Monroe and the river had been fishing tough over the last few weeks and with the wind blowing creating ruff waters it caused anglers to struggle finding the larger bass. The day started out with most of the 41 boat feild running south. Lots of limits were caught and the top teams total weights came down to ounces.
1st Place Team was Nate Bloom and guest Robert Jacobs were able to capitalize on a dead fish penalty given to the team who had a little more weight than us. We end up with 17.69lbs and had a nice 6.55lber to help anchor our bag. Couldn't have got the W without Rob, he knows the water better than most as he has grown up on it with his family over the last 43 years. Always cool to fish with someone else to learn more about the water and fishing styles that I have tried to work on and figure out for years myself. Thanks Rob! I was running things at the scales my friend, Sean Woosley, came up with my son, Joey Bloom, and his buddy who took pics of our days catch before releasing them back to grow some more. 

2nd place Team Barry Thomas and Rodney Marks had the bag to win but 2 dead fish cost them $200 and 2 points. They did however make up the $200 by sticking a 7.49lb slob and earning the Big Bass honors of the day. They were kind enough to say they didn't mind the 2nd place finish since I got the win but we all know that's BS...Lol. the Team ended up with 17.67, very close! Great job you guys, thanks for the W!
3rd Place Team was Anthony DiFonzo and Dustin Hand with a close 17.25lbs and a twin to our bass a 6.55lb stud! Great job boys!
4th place Team was Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier who have been doing great the last few weeks on the river. The team had 16.79lbs and have now tied Barry and Rodney for 1st place Anglers of the Year standings. Great work boys as always!
Thank you all for showing that we have the best trail in Central Florida, happy to be apart of it!

The season opener on West Lake Toho is in the books! With a great turn out of 43 Teams all ready to compete against the toughest anglers in the area and win some cash.
We launched at 6:45, the fishing was said to have been tough for the last few weeks. Most the field was back in at 2:30 with a 3pm weigh in.
1st place went to Team Blaine Partee and Chad Sheffield (Chad didn't fish so Blaine had a guest). The team weighed in 22.45lbs with the help of a 8.62lb shell buster! The team worked off shore shell beds and grass to get there limit. The team earned $989.00 for all there hard work and Blaine will also earn another $100 Basspro Shop gift card for a FWC Trophy catch. Great job guys!
Congrats to our Top Team Eric and Kathy on Lake Monroe taking down 36 teams with a giant 23.41lb sack! The team worked spawning areas with moving baits and had there sack by 11am. This was the teams 1st win and it was long over due! Great to see them kick all our butts, they deserve it. 2nd place Team was Marshall Halloway fishing with a guest, his old partner Josh, and putting a solid 5 fish limit together with 17.13lbs. The team caught most of there fish after 11am on moving baits. Great work and glad to see you two back in the money! 3rd place team is no stranger to the river Team Chad Sheffield and Louis DeSimone. The team had a hard time getting bites but they got 3 that paid off big, they went 17.09lbs and one was 7.79lbs good enough for the Big Bass of the day Honors. Awesome job boys! 4th place Team Rob and Mario had a guest fill in for Mario due to a home incident that left Mario one handed. Rob and guest partner caught a nice bag at 16.46lbs! Nice work gentlemen! Great day on the water the fish were starting to eat but the big girls have come and gone off the beds. We always seem to just miss it. Would love to hit it just right just once. Please remember there is only one tournament left for the point race and to secure your spot in the top 20 if you missed an event and didn't prepay. Thanks again for all the help and great company, you all are great!!
Big Congratulations to our Top Team Randall- Candy Faber and Danny Mosley with a 5 fish limit on a tough day with a total weight of 17.55lbs. The team had a solid fish that went 6.34lbs but was only good for the 3rd biggest bass weighed in. The team spent some time on the water practicing for this one and it paid off to the tune of $715.00! Great Job guys, I'm happy for you two! 2nd Place Team Danny Lanier and Ken Lucas stayed consistent with a limit for 14.60lbs. Earning a little more cash for $545.00, Great Job! 3rd Place Team Fay Rowles and Bruce Humphreys had 14.04lbs and made $340.00. Nice work! 4th Place Team Chris Jackson and Chris Eastham had a 13.85lb sack and a nice 5.93 bass to anchor down there sack. Way to go guys! Big Bass Honors of 8,01lbs went to guest angler Jason Foss with team partner Chris Adams. Trophy catch gift card plus $170.00 in cash! Nice Bite! Thanks again to all of you for being a great bunch of guys to fish with! We truly have the best Angeklrs in Central Florida!!  
Kicking off 2016 at the Butler Chain of Lakes Team Richard Konopka and Kim Hebb take down 33 other teams with a 20.41lb 5 fish limit. The team used there holiday time practicing to put together a winning pattern, it paid off. They also had Big Bass honors with a stud 7.26lber. Great job you two, way to start the New Year!! That $936.00 should cover some of those Xmas gifts, lol

Congratulations to the rest of the top finishers, 2nd place Team Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams with 14.87lbs. The team worked deep water with finesse tactics to coax there fish to bite and there MHX rods helped to get them in the boat! $576.00 - Nice work boyz! 2nd place Team Ken Lucas andDanny Lanier had 13.50lbs with 5 fish. The team flipped and threw swimbaits to land there catch and also covered a lot of water. $360.00 - Way to stay consistent boyz! 4th place Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle with 13.20lbs worked a 200 yard area all day in Butler slow wormin to land there catch. They didn't have a fish until 1pm. $216.00 Way to grond it out guys! Thanks again for all your support with the launch and extended day! Thanks to Chip Dover, Thomas Burk, and John Ricketson for all there help with the trail responsibilities, I appreciate it!

Notes: guys please remember the 2 cast rule! Two cast away from another boat, the boat who was there 1st has the right of way in this case so please don't come in on them. Remember to have your token in on time at the way in location, we had to DQ another team and 2 others had 2 lb penalties. We do not like to do this!! You are responsible for getting off your boat and bring your token to us or the weigh in location, not hang out in the parking lot or getting your truck and having us hold up weigh in looking for it. If you need to leave early just text me so i know. If you have fish i ask that you weigh them in, throwing them back can effect the points race which you might not care about but others in the hunt do. Next stop is Kissimmee out of Joe Overstreet ramp, we change Okeechobee to April, please make note. We are looking for someone who would like to help with the weigh in tank so i can take photos and over see everything, please let me know if you would like to help.

Congrats to our TOP Team Blaine Partee and Silverio Roca at the Harris Chain with 21.33 and a boat anchor Big Bass 8.11!! Please join me in congratulating them, Great job you guys. This is the teams 2nd win this season earning a nice $935.00 for there efforts and still plenty more fishing to go!. 2nd place Team Nate Bloom and Thomas Burk slip in there with a stud 7.66lber that Nate caught early flippin. Tom finished off the bag of 15.42lbs with some keepers to make it all come together for some cash earnings of $575.00. Good day to us! 3rd place Team Brad Johnson and Marshall Halloway had a close 15.19lb sack and walked away with $360.00 for the day. Great job boys, keep it up!! 4th place Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle had a solid 14.34lbs to finish out the money spots making $210.00 and getting some good points to move them into 1st place in the Anglers of the Year race. Great job you two!!
I wanted to say I appreciated everyone's patience with the weigh-in as it was something else.
Next stop Butler out of the sportsman's club ramp, meet at the Publix as always for registration. Please bring change to help out with the money. Also I wanted to thank you all for supporting with the 50/50 Raffle for Seminole Junior Anglers! The money has helped with a lot of extras to make their fishing experience unforgettable, thank you!
3rd Tournament stop at the Winter Haven chain of lakes. The chain has been fishing great for the last month and giving up solid fish. As the picture of the leaders proves that it also shows that a little surgery won't slow these two down. The Team of Chip Dover and John Ricketson were able to sack the largest bag of the season thus far and top the field with a 26.85 lb sack. The team flipped and threw swimbaits to land there best 5 which also included the big bass of the day at 8.30. Earning a nice $936.00 for the hard work on a HOT day. Great job you guys you had one of those days to remember for sure!! 2nd place Team Wayne Swindle and Travis Topman had a nice day with 5 fish for a total weight of 17.51. The team walked to the truck counting $576.00 bucks for there efforts. Nice job you two!! 3rd place Team was Fay Rowles and guest Ernie Ferrell were able to put 17.17 lbs together and take home $360.00 for a fine day on the lake. Way to go guys!! 4th place Team Rich Konopka and Kim Hebb put 5 fish on the scales that went 16.18 lbs and made $216.00 to spend on there wives. Great job guys!! 

Notes: 192 total fish weighed in - 4 dead - 339 lbs total weight that's 1.76 lb average per fish - Thanks to all of you for your patience at the weigh in and for those who help out, I appreciate it! 
2nd Tournament in the books at the famous Lake Toho with a total of 38 tough Teams showing up to earn some cash and braggin rights. There can only be one winner and that Team was Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier with a solid 22.22lbs! they earned $798.00, Way to go boys, you are a tough team and are always consistent. Now on top of the Anglers of the Year race with this win. They worked top water baits through thick vegetation to get there bites. 2nd place was Team Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto also with the days Big Bass anchoring there sack at 8.18lbs taking $190.00 for that pig and having a total of 19.77lbs to also include $608.00 in there pockets. Awesome day guys and nice PIG! 3rd place Team was the old school boys Bill Triveno and Don Biddle with a bag weight of 18.46 lbs. Staying consistent each year and now in 2nd place for the AOY race. Great job boys, old school doesn't seem to be a bad thing making $380.00 bucks. 4th place was Team Kim Hebb and Rich Konopka with 15.40 lbs and earning $228.00 for there days efforts. Nice job guys hope Rich heels up after that fall in the lake 1st thing in the morning. Thanks again for everyone's patience with getting set up and weighed in, I appreciate it. Remember - Weigh starts when all Teams are accounted for and we call for it to start and after you get a bag from us to put your fish in. Please do not come up early with fish.  

Thanks for a great turn out at our Season opener on the Clermont Chain. Congrats to Blaine Partee and Silverio Roca for a 1st place finish with 14.46lbs! The Team worked swimbaits and flipped to earn there catch and a cash payout of $777.00, Nice Work! 2nd place Team Hunter McKameyand Chris Adams came to the scales with 13.02 and earned $592.00 for there efforts, good job boys! 3rd place Team Don Biddle and Bill Trevinoput a solid bag together for 12.29 earning $370.00, still got it old timers! LOL. 4th place Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier worked hard for there 11.90lbs and made a nice $222.00 bucks to take home. The bigger fish were tough to find with the water up so high but we all still figured out how to catch a few.

*17 total fish dead, not happy to see this as I know we all did our best to keep them alive, thanks to David Rushing for taking them home to eat.
* Please look at your Team Number and remember it! I made some adjustments after this event.
* Please remember to get a MESS BAG to bring your fish to the scales in!
* Weigh-in - Scales don't open till all Ducks are in or boats are accounted for! Also we normally don't setup till 3pm as we like to normally fish to the last minute.
* Morning Registration - Opens at 5:30 am which means your boats need to be checked first before you come and pay. I need your launch number to verify your boat was checked.
* I didn't get to take pics this time as we were down a team that normally helps run the weigh-in, if you have any post them please.
* Our WebSite is down for a little bit but onceit's up I will post all docs.
* Thank you all for your patience and look forward to the next one

Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier make there move at Lake Cypress by besting the field of 32 boats with a total of 19.79lbs. This Victory sealed the deal for 1st Place Anglers of the Year and $1000.00  as Team Bob Ellis and Ken Lane fell short today with only 4 fish for 8.11lbs. It was a great AOY race this season. Great job to Ken and Danny for a great season 1st Place AOY title and today's win! 2nd Place Team Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams with MHX had a total for 19.28lbs  with a last minute bite that helped put some cash in there pocket to the tune of $510.00, great job guys! 3rd Place Team Greg Cuming and Gary Armstrong had a goods day with a nice bag for 18.93lbs and earning $320.00 for there efforts. 4th Place Team Rob Demola and Jim Demola had a kicker fish at 7.08lbs to get there bag weight to 18.00lbs, that fish was good enough for the 2nd Big Bass earning the angler a MHX Custom Rod. Nice job! Big Bass was 7.51lbs and went to Team Tom Burk and Nate Bloom who ended up in 5th place with 17.42lbs.

St. Johns River 1st Place Team Louis DeSimone and Chad Sheffield with 24.96lbs. The Team also had the 2nd Big Bass for 8.14lbs earning them a custom built MHX Rod compliments of Mud Hole. This was the teams 1st win with ATT and hopefully not there last. Great job to you both glad to see new faces in the winners circle!

Tournament Notes: 11 Bass over 7lbs weighed in, 4 bags over 20lbs, Tom Burk went swiming, New Heavy Weight Challenge Leaders.

What a great day at the Lovely Harris Chain of Lakes! The morning went smooth (other than a broken rod at blast off for me) as we beat the other club off the ramp. I know it was still a little dark out but I do like not having to watch other boats running before us. There were a lot of nice fish caught at this event, a total of 128 fish for 312 lbs and NO DEAD FISH! Nice job!

Team Ronnie Jackson and Mike Jones had a awesome day with a Winning weight of 21.88 lbs and making $735 bucks for there efforts. This is the Teams 1st Win in a long time and I know they worked hard to get it. Congrats to you both!

2nd Place Team was Chip Dover and John Ricketson with 21.05 lbs. Another great day for this team as they have already won one this season. Great job you two!

3rd Place Team Tom Burk and Nate Bloom with 18.38 lbs. The team had some scary moments on the water and had to call 911 due to bullets flying by there boat while fishing. The Team also had the 2nd Big Bass at 6.26 lbs and earned Nate a new MHX Custom Rod. Thanks MHX for that!! Other than that the day was great and the team culled through a dozen fish for the best 5. The days efforts moved the team 3 places to 3rd place in the AOY race making a big move. Nice work!

4th Place Team matt Gunn and Brent Wysong had a solid bag for 17.41 lbs. Nice day for them as well.

Big Bass of the day went to Team Rob Wilson and Mario Mazzonetto with a 6.40 lb stud! Nice Job!

Anglers of the Year update - Ken Lane and Bob Ellis take the lead with 532 points with 2 events left for the season!  Thanks again to all my guys helping run this Trail I couldn't do it without you!

Butler Chain Results Updated!

Just wanted to say thanks again for everyone's patience with this event. We do appreciate it!
Congrats to our 1st Place Team Kim Hebb and Guest partner (can't remember his name so if anyone knows it post it) filling in for Kyle Oliver. The team had a nice bag with a kicker fish at 6.54lbs for a total of 14.76lbs. Their Kicker fish was good for the 2nd Big Bass of the day earning the lucky angler a new MHX Custom Rod to go out and catch some mor...e of those biggins! The team also walked away with $714 (plus the MHX Rod) in cash for there hard day on the water. Nice Job!
I didn't get a pic of there catch so if anyone took pics please post!
2nd Place Team Chris Adams and Guest partner (can't remember his name) filling in for Hunter McKamey came to the scales with 13.49lbs to earn them $544 in cash and some good AOY points. Great work guys! Good to see that when your season partners are out we now know who catches all the fish! LOL.
3rd Place Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier had a solid day with 13.01lbs, the team couldn't find that one big bite that would have pushed them into 1st but they did show up and gain ground on the AOY race. They drove home with $340 for the day, God Job boys!
4th Place Team Matthew Gunn and Brent Wysong had the days Big Bass at 8.06lbs which helped their limit get to 12.79lbs. 4th Place earned them $204 plus the Big Bass $170 = $374, Good Job and great fish!

Winter Haven Chain of Lakes 1st place Team Jeff Bryant and Scott Brownsburger also with Big Bass Honors. The Team had 15.82lbs and a 7.22lb kicker. This was the Teams 1st win ever in this trail and it was well deserved. Couldn't have happened to a better Team, they have put in there time for sure. I called then on there drive home and they were pumped up, said they were lost, I said you got $900 in cash I'm sure you'll find a bar to enjoy your days efforts. Way to go guys!!

2nd Place Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle with a little over 13 lbs. Making it hard on the rest of us in the points race for AOY with their consistent top 5 entries. Damn good Anglers for sure! I'm also sure they were happy driving away from that lake with $544 bucks. Nice job guys.

3rd Place Team Robert Raponi aka Bob, and Tony Johnson with the 2nd Big Bass MHX Custom Rod at 4.52lbs. The Team caught this nice one while the boats were still running thru the canals and totaled with 12.48lbs. Great job.

4th Place Team Rodney Marks and Barry Thomas with this solid 4.37lb Bass helping their bag weight with a total of 12.42lbs. Making $204 bucks for a great day on the water. Way to go boys!

Thanks to all my help running the event as well. Happy Holidays to you all and have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Team Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams put together a 13.15 lb sack which was anchored by this stud 6.69 lber to take the Win and drive away with $884.00 today! Way to go boys!! Please post that GO Pro Video asap. This win gave the team 100 points and moved them into the top 5 in the Angler of the Year Race. Congrats!

2nd place Team Gary Armstrong and Greg Cuming with 11.61lbs, also had the 2nd Big Bass at 4+ which earned them a MHX custom Rod complements of Mud Hole Rods, Bob McKamey. Way to go guys, nice end to a ruff day!

3rd place was Team Lil Joe Ventrello and Rich Thomas with 11.16lbs. Another top 5 fir this team. Good job and keep it up boys!

Harris Chain Winners Bill Trevino and Don Biddle with 18lbs. Great Job boys!

1st place Team John Ricketson and guest Joe Ventrello with 24.12lb of Beautiful West Lake Toho Greenbacks, Great day boys and way to start the season off! Pay day was $714.00 for 34 teams

2014 Classic Champs on Lake Okeechobee Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle with a 2 day total weight of 52.27lbs. Congrats to you both, awesome job! 

I did take a few photos of the 4 days I was down there but I'm sad to say I had my cell phone stolen out of my company truck the 2nd day back from fishing so I lost them. I also didn't get a good story from the team as to how they were catching them or how there 2 days went. I heard they were fishing a small area and casting to the same spot over and over again. However they did it they managed to weigh in 2 over 8lbs each day and were also rewarded with day 2 Big Bass honor with a 8.29lb horse. The team won the event earning $1,800.00, 2 day BB $220.00, side pot $430.00, and had 2nd place AOY making $500.00 for that season long fight, that's almost $3000.00 for a little fun. Really happy for you guys, you both are great Anglers and push us all to a high level of competition. Hope to see you back next season so I can try and get some of our money back!

  AS for the rest of us losers.... LOL, well 2nd Place Team Rodney Marks and Berry Thomas came from a few places back with a solid 24+lb sack on day 2. The team earned a $1,000.00 for there hard work and big move up the leader board. This is another team that has been as strong as they come all season long keeping us all on our A game. Way to go you guys and I hope you enjoyed your season with us and look forward to see you back next season.

  3rd Place Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier had 2 solid days with 21+lbs day 1 and 22+lbs on day 2 but in the end it wasn't enough. They thought they had a chance on the day 1 Big Bass with there 9+lber but it got beat by a 10.50. This Lake does hurt your feelings but they did drive home with $700.00 for there finish and $250.00 for AOY 3rd Place finish as well.. Great job boys! See you next season.

  4th Place Team Tom Burk and Nate Bloom had a pretty good practice but couldn't find any big bites on the North end of the lake. The team found some bigger fish on the southern end of the BIG lake and made there minds up that they were going to run to have a chance. Well day 1 they ran straight across the lake and didn't think it was as bad as it was out there, bad choice. About half way there we flooded the boat spearing waves, broke the trolling motor beyond repair, and about could stand up once we got there. The team thought fast once there and grabbed a shiner pole to use as a push pole for the day. They caught a lot of fish and landed some big ones, also lost a few BIG ones. After the long run back they ended the day with 24+lbs and held 2nd place for the day. Day 2 they ran around the lake which was a Hell of a lot smarter I must say. Once back at our area we seen that our plan wasn't going to work with 3 foot rollers now blowing into the area. They managed to bag 16+lbs to keep in it as best as they could. The Team ended up with a 2 day total weight of 40+ which was a great weekend no matter what place they came in. Not bad for having to fish against these great Anglers with a push pole and 25 mph winds. Lucky to still be here lets just leave it at that!. For there HARD efforts they went home with 2 new Custom MHX Rods presented by Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams. Thanks Again MHX and staff for those and all your support with our trail.

   5th Place Team Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams with a 2 day total of 36+lbs had a great week of fishing and drove home with our sponsor RNF Marine Service Gift package for there efforts. The team had some recent luck on the lake and thought they could keep it rolling but the weather didn't hold up for them the way they needed to catch em better. This team has some of the coolest HD GOPRO videos of all there fun times on the water if you haven't seen any please look them up on youtube. Way to go you guys can't wait to hang with you 2 next season it was a lot of fun.

   Couple of notes to rap this season up -

Thank you all who support our trail and all who work hard to keep it going. We had 22 boats show up for the classic and 26 Qualified to fish, only 3 dead fish for the 2 days, great fish care everyone!! Please spread the word about bring some new teams in for next season, we want to cap at 40. We will be looking for anyone who owns a business to step up and be a sponsor for next season, we will do everything to help get you more business, talk to Nate about that. We will be doing Registration the 1st part of August and will contact everyone to make sure they are aware when and where it is. Date not determined yet. Please be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends through the Summer. See you all in August, Thank you.


Tournament #8 at beautiful Lake Kissimmee finished up the 2nd season for ATT.  1st Place Team Tom Burk and Nate Bloom put the Beat Down on the field with a 5 fish Limit weighing in at 33.14lbs. The teams biggest fish was 10.64 which Nate caught, and this was Nates 1st 10lb bass he'd ever caught, Good time to catch it. The Team worked the grass line throwing chatterbaits and swimbaits to get there bites. After 15 years of fishing together this was there best bag thus far. Awesome Job!!

2nd Place Team Hunter McKamey and Bob McKamey had a great day with 26.24 but the team Captain almost forgot to get the Token in so ended up 3 minutes late which cost them 3lbs give them a total of 23.24lbs. Still enough to take them out of 2nd they learned a good lesson and made some money in the process. Nice job getting those fish to the scales guys!  3rd Place Team was Wayne Swindle fishing solo and outing some big ones in the boat without his net man. Wayne had 22.65 and a 9.27 Hydrilla Donkey to anchor the sack. Way to go man! 4th Place Team Rob DeMola and Jim DeMola had one of those bites we all dream of each time we make a cast. They hooked a MONSTA weighing in at 11.26lbs and giving them a total of 21.84. Fish of a life time guys glad to be a part of that memory. Thanks again to all of you great Anglers for a fun season! Remember only Anglers who Qualified can fish the Classic, You needed to fish all events, prepay for the ones you missed, or came in the Top 20 in season points. Please contact me if you have any questions. See you at the classic and stay tuned for an updates.

Tournament #6 in the books, Team Chip Dover and John Ricketson take home the win with a 5 fish limit weighing 16.80lbs. The Team found a school of bait and thro...ugh A-Rigs all day to bag their catch. Nice job boys! 2nd place Team Barry Thomas and Rodney Marks had a solid sack O fish at 15.51lbs. Not sure how they caught them but I bet a drop shot snagged a couple. Great finish! 3rd Place Team Kim Hebb and Kyle Oliver always find the money/fish on this body of water with a 15.36lb bag, great job guys. 4th place Team Mark Jones and Josh Jones also had the Big Bass of the day at 5.44lbs helping push the scales down to 15.3lbs. Really happy to see this Father/Son Team place, something's are priceless. Thanks again to Lowman Oliver for the morning prayer, thanks to all my Crew helping run this show as I was not 100%, thanks to all of you for making things fun for us!

Cold Front shuts down most of the field at the Harris Chain of Lakes. With water temps in the mid 60's during the week the front dropped the water temps 9 deg. This didn't stop Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle who managed to catch the Big Bass of the day where Tom and I just fished minutes before. They Team worked worms in spawning areas which was slow but sacked up 22.56lbs for there days efforts. This win helped the team move up in the AOY points race which has tightened up after some stumbling by the leaders. Great Job you guys and way to bring it to the scales! I was glad you had a few of us watch as you landed that big bass. 2nd Place Team Matt Gunn and Brent Wysong with 18.94lbs working the canals off of Lake Eustis. The team moved up into 2nd place in the AOY race after back to back 2nd places. Keep it up boys your on a roll! 3rd Place was Team Theron Houston (Sweet) and Eddie White with 15.85lbs. The Team lost a giant at the boat which maybe cost them 2nd place. The one that got away, been there done that... hated it.. nice to see you 2 in the money, keep it going! 4th Place went to Ronnie Jackson and Mike Jones with 12.99lbs putting together a nice bag of fish after a long week of practice. Great job you guys! Thanks to all of you for working with us as we had a lot of boat traffic to deal with. I also want to say how about launching before all those other boats! Love it!

Another great turn out at our 4th stop on East Lake Toho with 36 boats entered to figure out the bite and sack'em up! Team John Cox and Keith Carson did just that. With 17.56lbs they took back to back Wins over the tough field. This win moved the team into a 1st place tie with team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier. The 2 caught there fish early on the south end of the lake throwing swimbaits and flippin. Another solid day of work paid out $775.00 Bucks! Nice work guys!

2nd Place Team Matt Gunn and Brent Wysong worked hard all day and it paid off for them. They netted the Big Bass of the day at 8.76lbs which anchored there bag at 16.70lbs. The Team drove home with a total of $755.00 bucks for a great day on the water. Great job! 3rd Place went to Team Barry Thomas and Rodney Marks who had a chance with a solid 16.43lbs. The Team just needed one more big bite to jump the leaders but it never came. Making $360.00 bucks for the day makes it a little easier to swallow. Nice job guys another 3rd this season for ya! 4th Place was Team John Brazzell and Josh Davis with 14.45lbs. The Team worked offshore Brush Piles and caught over 40+ fish. I wish I can say I caught them like that! They made $215.00, enough for some replacement baits. Nice job! Thanks again to all my guys helping run this deal, I couldn't do it with out ya! I'd also like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holidays! Please enjoy your family and make them a priority this holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the Blooms.

See ya next Year!!


 Another tournament in the books for ATT and it was a great 36 boat turn out. The frontal conditions threw most of the teams a curve since most fish were caught in practice flipping. With the cloud cover and rain most of the day out it killed that bite for the bigger bites. With a couple of other clubs at the ramp we did get on the water and launched before they did which was nice. So I didn't get a picture of Team John Cox and Keith Carson 1st Place Winners from this weekends Tournament but I found one of many of there winning pics online and took this one. The Team has won many events on the River and this was another win to add to that list. Weighing in 21.15lbs and almost taking Big Bass with a 6.87lb toad, Great Job you two! 2nd Place Team Hunter McKamey and Chris Adams came in with 18.83lbs and they did manage to find that Big Bass of the Day with a solid 7.80lb lunker. 3rd Place Team was Tab Bowman and Guest partner Clint Byoles with a nice sack for 14.59lbs the team said they lost a couple of big fish that would have made a big difference. 4th Place Team Ronnie Jackson and Mike Jones have been out of the money for some time now and I'm glad to see them back in it again. With a nice sack weighing in at 14.30lbs, awesome job to the top money makers! Thanks again for everyone's help and dealing with me being a bit sick. Looking forward to the next one and feeling better!

Back to Back Wins for Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier! The team worked a couple different patterns to score there 19 lb sack. Jigging Spoons and Flippin were the key to a $777.00 pay day. Great Job you guys way to put the pressure on for the AOY race. 2nd Place Team John Brazzell and Josh Davis, last years Anglers of the Year, had a great day catching more than 30 fish schooling and bagging 15.89lbs. They made $592.00  for their hard work. 3rd Place was Team Berry Thomas and Rodney Marks with a nice 15.14lb sack which they caught working offshore grass with soft plastics and making $370.00 for the day. 4th Place was Team Wayne Swindle and Tab Bowman with 13.75lbs and pocketing $222.00 bucks. Big Bass Honors went to David Gazdak with a 6.09lb Stud, good enough for $185.00! Great job to all the top 10 it was a tough day but everyone caught fish. Thanks again to my guys helping run the show and keeping things moving.

  Lake Cypress Slam 1st Place Team Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier!  They topped the 32 other teams with a 23.80lbs bag anchored with a 8.27lb beast and a 7.14lb hydrilla donkey! They worked hard for that bag and it paid off, making $693. 2nd place Team Matt Gunn and Brent Wysong brought in 19.15lbs earning $528. 3rd place Team Bill Trevino and Don Biddle had 19.58lbs but a 2 dead fish penalty (.50) cost the team a couple hundred bucks but still walking home with $330 and there total was 19.08lbs 4th place Team John Cox and Keith Carson had 17.83lbs and took home $198. Great job guys! Looking forward to the next one already.